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Nightscapes (Landscape Accent Lighting) is an aesthetically pleasing method to enhance any feature in your landscape. Nightscapes not only add to the beauty and character, but value and safety of your home as well.


Hardscape is the term used to describe solid, hard elements that tend to remain the same for many years.  This includes landscape design elements such as walkways, retaining walls, rocks, pavers, driveways, arbors, gates, outdoor kitchens, decks, water features and more.


The term softscape is used to describe non-permanent features that are not structural; they are fluid and moving – changing over time.  Softscape is essentially the living and animated part of the landscape such as trees, shrubs, plants, soil, flowerbeds, mulch, grass and more.


A growing number of homeowners have been investing in enhancing their outdoor living areas in the Ozarks through the renovation of their decks and patios and other outdoor accessories in hopes of refining the beauty and comfort of their outdoor space.


Imagination Landscapes has been designing and building sustainable landscapes in Springfield and the surrounding Ozarks for almost 30 years.

A ‘form follows function philosophy’ is the basis behind every design.  A good background in horticulture allows the landscape to be designed around the function of the plant material chosen.
To create a sustainable landscape, a good understanding of each plant’s characteristics, habits and how well it will tolerate its environment is needed.   Understanding some basic principles ultimately allows for a more sustainable landscape to be enjoyed without overcrowding in years to come.  Call to schedule an onsite review with an experienced landscaper.


Imagination Landscapes has completed a number of projects for our clients over the years. Projects new and old show our professionalism and quality to detail. You can see a few our completed projects below.

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Imagination Landscapes brings 28 years of horticultural experience and imagination in designing & building sustainable landscapes in Springfield, Mo and surrounding areas. We specialize in a broad range of landscaping techniques and concepts that always begin with a ‘form follows function’ philosophy. Behind this philosophy is understanding how plants can work together in color and texture to create a desired look. Each landscape is unique, and there are specific plants well suited for each design and project.

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